At Red Stag Fulfillment, our employees are our most important asset. We have grown into one of America’s best order fulfillment companies by building a team of people who are eager to be a part of our growth. Our employees show up and give their all every day.

Promotion from within

Much of our management team started out working on the floor. Our growth has meant immense opportunity for advancement within our team.

Generous bonuses

Earn bonuses for error-free work, that get bigger the longer your run without an error. We incentivize based on quality, not quantity of work performed.

Work smart (and hard, but mostly smart)

You might have heard about fulfillment warehouses that replace workers with robots. Or worse, treat their human employees like robots. Red Stag isn’t one of them. We value intelligent, communicative workers who strive for perfection above speed. Our reputation for excellence is due to the work of humans who care enough to do a terrific job.

Be a part of something great

We listen to our employees and use their input to feed our culture of continuous improvement.

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Red Stag Fulfillment Rewards Dedication


Red Stag Fulfillment’s Values

We Sweat The Small Stuff

We’re a detail-oriented team, where sweating the small stuff and doing our jobs to the best of our ability is ingrained in our DNA.

We Have Positive & Respectful Attitudes

We believe that the best work is done by people who are happy at work and respected by everyone else in the organization. From the president to the intern, everyone deserves a positive and respectful work environment.

We Act Like We Own It

We not only take ownership over each of our jobs, but also over the tools we use to carry out our jobs. Whether it’s maintaining a computer, a forklift, or carrying out a task for a client, we have a sense of ownership over what we do day in and day out.

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